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 Distro updated (28 febr. 2013)! Add vynil catalogue.


     EVIL COUNTRY JACK "Jack's Country" CD

 death...thrash...surf...jazz...rock'n'roll... metal


Available in our distro!





Extreme schizo death metal




 REFAWN "Lemur Of The Nine" CD

Technical death metal




DEADLY CARRION “Как прекрасен этот мир"  CD

Death metal from Belorussia

with their honest way of life (or death...)

Listen here:


SCULPTOR S.C.A.L.P. “Чужая Война” CD

We did it in cooperation with with BadMoonMan & WrothEmitter





Proudly presents  hand numbered Limited to 500 Edition from Backfire Production:

   Like the lost dusty record from the early 90  “Ars Moriendi”

crushes to a listeners killing doom/death metal.   

Not for trendy ears!!! Real underground stuff!!!
Track list:

1. Death Inside
2. Shadows Of Light
3. Embrace Of Chaos
4. The Treatise About Marihuana
5. Ars Moriendi


 Thelema "Fearful symmetry" CD full of technical groovy intelligent death metal  coming soon in cooperation with SoulFlesh Collector Records and Backfire production.  Just a few days left! Watch out!




04/10/2008   available NOW!

Evoke Thy Lords "Escape To The Dreamland"  ( massive original gothic doom from Novosibirsk Russia),  new CD from Stygian Crypt / Backfire production)


24/08/2008 New CDs  in  Distro

Native in Black "At the gates of Eternal Winter" CD 2008 Black Metal Cold Breath Of Silence Production

Hesperus Dimension "Mental Electricity MMVII" CD 2007 Black Metal/Industrial Diachell Musik
"Nokturn" CD 2006 Black/Death Metal Diachell Musik
"An Extravagance Of Norm" CD 2008 modern Extreme Black Metal Diachell Musik



 New  ARX release exclusively distributing by Backfire Productions and Fantazone Sound Inc. is  fullfilled sympho black metal  from Italy

Ancient Skin "Nobis Quoque Peccatoribus..."


1. Nobis Quoque Peccatoribus
2. In Principio
3. My Grave
4. Persistenza Della Memoria
5. Nightfeel
6. Dark Clouds
7. Palingenesi
8. Irsa Evidentia


From Streaks Records:

Hordes of Satan LP more... News

dot(.) / Hey Colossus - Split LP  (the last one remains!)

Vog "Vog" CD (the last one remains!)

LP of finland sludgers LOINEN releasedon Streaks Records (with Blinddate Records ).  It blows your mind!


26/05/ 2007
News from Streaks Records:
LP HORDES OF SATAN is out now!!!

Sludgy, hypnotizing and deep Industrial Doom from Nottingham with members of Pitchshifter or Taken by Wolves. 4 songs of despair on 50 minutes, make unique grim atmosphere with amazing riffs.

Imagine that Industrial from early releases of Peaceville or Earache return to now days mixing with doomu sludge anf deep growl.

Limited to 342 copies, 126 in white hand numbered vinyl.



Faye Coulman, Sandman magazine:
Hordes of Satan are an unforgiving, atmospheric assault of unholy doom metal played with high-volume and hypnotising intensity. The grinding depth of the bass evokes an intriguing aura of death, equivalent to the sight of a grisly mass murder scene. The blood-curdling death grunts of "Joseph" would indeed make the perfect horror soundtrack. Their unique brand of doom metal is as intoxicatingly potent as a triple shot of absinthe on a bitter winter's night.


Raventale with their debut album "На Хрустальных Качелях" is the third release of Backfire productions.

The best traditions of Depressive Black Metal with  Doom Metal elements and will put you in sad atmosphere of solitude.  


1. Пролог
2. Огнем Кромсая Небеса
3. Серой Тоской Пораскинулся Лес
4. Небес Смолистая Чернь
5. Дождя Колыбель
6. На Хрустальных Качелях



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