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New arrivals:

WITCHCRAFT Hegyek felettem 2012 black metal Neverheard Distro
MYSTAGOG ...of Old 2011 black metal Neverheard Distro
UNFIT ASSOCIATION Absurd Reality/Flagging Water (1992/91) 2011 death metal Neverheard Distro
EXTREME DEFORMITY Internal (1993+demo1992) 2011 death metal Neverheard Distro

ABBEY OV THELEMA A Fragment ov the Great Work atmospheric/avantgarde/progressive black metal from Slovakia SONIC TEMPLE RECORDS
BEHEADED MACHINE Stillbirth Civilisation MCD Polish eclectic, sick, brutal technical death Eclectic Prod.
BLACK VIRGIN Sinister Sister Classic U.S. power/speed metal from the middle of the ’80s. This CD is a collection of their only one full length album „Most likely to exceed” from 1986 and two demos „Sledgehammer justice” from 1990 and „Aural sects for the blind” from 1994. Nineteen excellent tracks for true maniacs of underrated old school bands of the golden age of METAL!) Metal Or Die
ELDEREON Blood Of The Dying Debut full-length from these Spaniards. This shall drag you through near 40 minutes / 9 anthems of Death Black Metal with touch from such masters as Immolation, Dissection, Hypocrisy, Phlebotomized and additionally flavored with Doom Metal parts. Till You Fukking Bleed
HEDONISTIC EXILITY (Ukraine) Deevolutional Stasis MCD brutal technical death metal Eclectic Prod.
PROSATANOS/ SMOKE In Hate And Blasphemy Pure Old School Black Metal Attack from Germany vs. Unholy Chaos Black Metal from the Netherlands. Total Death
SAMRT Mizantrop Mazohist Serbian Black metal. Abyss of man's state of mind ! 12 pages Booklet with amazing design. Darzamadicus
SVIN KILLER (Ukraine) Drowning Into The Green Mass brutal slamming and blasting grind Eclectic Prod.

24-7 SPYZ STRENGHT IN NUMBERS funk metal Atlantic / Eastwest
Aeon An Extravagance Of Norm modern Extreme Black Metal Diachell Musik
Agarthi At The Burning Horizon black metal Red Stream
AGLAROND Embraced by Darkness Excellent dark doom death American Line
Alastor (Portugal) Demon Attack Black/Thrash Metal War Productions
Alchemy X 11:59:59 prog.metal Unisound
AL-NAMROOD (Saudi Arabia) Atba'a Al-Namrood MCD Arabian black Shaytan Prod.
ALTURA Mercy Prog Magna Carta/Roadrunner
Anacrusis Screams and whispers METAL BLADE
Angel's Decay Odiumspace brutal death from Slovakia AKNE Productions
Annihilator Remains MUSIC FOR NATION
Anthrax Return of the killer A's SPITFIRE
ANTRAKS (Indonesia) Spewing wrath blood brutal death Disembowel Records
Apparition Sakra Devanam Indra Korean Black metal. very strong orthodox black metal Kerzakraum Rec./Nerbilous Prod.
ARCHETYPE RISE OF THE BLOOD SLAUGHTER Melodic Death metal in the sweden school American Line
AS MEMORY DIES (Italy) Transmutate melodic death metal selfreleased
ASEDIO SOMOS NADA thrash death metal American Line
Astral Filicetum Lunare Black,Gothic and Doom sung in Latin Last Episode
Audioslave Audioslave alt.metal Sony

BAAL Hatemachine Melodic & brutal death metal. American Line
BABY.STAB.HORROR In the Name of Satan Black/Death Metal:USA Rotting Corpse Records
BALAM AKAB SACRIFICIO (digipack) black death metal American Line
Beats the Hell Out of Me Beats the Hell Out of Me alt.metal Metal Blade Records                                                      
Believer Gabriel Progressive Thrash/Death Metal Metal Blade
Bethlehem Sardonischer Untergang im Zeichen irreligiöser Darbietung black / dark metal Red Stream
Biolich The Space Between Home and Today brutal and strange death Paragon
Bitch A rose by any other name EP METAL BLADE
BITTERNESS Genociety CD/8 Tracks German old school Thrash Metal meets Bay Area Influences G.U.C. Records
BLIND GUARDIAN Follow The Blind Power Virgin
BOREA (Poland) Whose Fault death / thrash Psycho Records
Brutal Truth Need to control EARACHE
BRUTE CHANT (Latvia) Killer Each Of You death metal Father Prod.

C-300 Наказание Ангела progressive death / thrash Metal Scrap
CASTRUM Black Silhouette Enfolded In Sunrise Black Folter
Centaron Face the music DEFIANT
CHAOS INCEPTION (USA) Collision With Oblivion death metal Brutalized Records
CHAOS SYNOPSIS (Brazil) Kult Ov Dementia death / thrash Psycho Records
COMA VOID Stormking Twilight Black Metal Age
COMBAT NOISE After the War... the Wrath Continues Brutal Death metal from Cuba ! American Line
COSMIC ATROPHY Codex Incubo Old School American death metal Suffering Jesus/Metalbolic
CREMASTER (Poland) Pumpernifel grind'n'roll Ukragh' Prod.
CULT SONIC TEMPLE hard rock Virgin

DARK CELEBRATION (Brazil) Phlegeton: The Transcendence Of Demon Lords old school death/black Paragon Records
DAS ICH Egodram industrial/gothic
Dead Raven Choir Selenoclast Wolves Neo-Folk God is Myth Records
Deceased The Blueprints for Madness Death/Thrash/Heavy Metal Relapse
Deicide Amon:Feasting the beast ROADRUNNER
DEMON DOG SPERM HOPELESS Death Metal meets the tuned down stoner sounds of Down, Crowbar and Acid Bath! OPEN GRAVE RECORDS
Demonicon Condemned Creation Brutal Death Metal Root of all Evil Records
DENY THE URGE “Subsequent Confrontation” CD/9 Tracks Finest Technical Death Metal from Germany G.U.C. Records
DENY THE URGE Blackbox Of Human Of Sorrow CD/11 Tracks 2nd Full-length Album of Technical Death Metal from Germany G.U.C. Records
Dimension F3H (Morpheus from Limbonic Art) Reaping The World Winds modern metal
DODSFERD Fucking Your Creation" + Moribund Compilation 2CD Dirty & Diseased Black & Roll !! Your Fucked ! Moribund Records
DOMINE Champion Eternal (digipack) Power/Doom Dragonheart
DOOM SYNDICATE Beyond Salvation Death Metal :USA Rotting Corpse Records
DOWNLORD RANDOM DICTIONARY OF THE DAMNED Dave Ingram (Ex-Benediction & Bolt Thrower) and, ex-members of Iniquity team up for this debut album of Old School Death Metal OPEN GRAVE RECORDS
DREAM SYSTEM Traveling After Morning Mix of Industrial Guitar Riffs and Trip Hop Elements Foreshadow
DREAMING II Germany's finest Old School Doom Experience is returning to the scene with its stunning second album release. Superb melodies, magnificent guitar work, and a well - experienced singer is rounding up the new masterpiece of this East German trio. This is for fans of the traditional doom sound, Vitus, Place of Skulls, Witchfinder General, and early Masters of Reality (!) supporters will totally dig this. psycheDOOMelic
DREAMLORE BLACK PLAGUE POSSESSED Great Thrash death. Ltd 500 copies American Line
Dusk My Infinite Nature Alone death/prog. Hibernia Productions
DUSK (Pakistan) Jahilia doom - death - art metal with oriental influences
Dust of Eden Dust of Eden pro CD-R USA black metal. solid! Nerbilous Prod.
DUSTER 69 Angel King Once again the German stoner rockers are ready again to kick some serious ass! A superb mix of stoner, heavy, and classic rock with alternative sounds, with emotional and aggressive vocals and great fucking riffing! Salute the new kings of rock’n’roll! SLEASZY RIDER REC

EBONMORTIS Reconstruction by Force Death Metal:USA Rotting Corpse Records
EDENSHADE "The Lesson Betrayed" Progressive Death Metal - Dark Tranquillity meets Death meets Dream Theater. My Kingdom
EISREGEN LEICHENLAGER black metal Last Episode
EISREGEN Buehnenblut - "Live In Leipzig" black metal Massacre
Eleven Thunk grunge Hollywood
Eleven Avantgardedog grunge A&M
END OF DESTINY THE THOUGHTLESS EXISTENCE Debut album from this melodic hardcore band. Think Zao! OPEN GRAVE RECORDS
ENGELSSTAUB Malleus maleficarum gothic Apollyon
ENTROPIA Takte Mòrbid Anarkosatanisme Katalonian GoreDeathGrindMetal i Antifa VOLIAC ROCK RECORDS
Evil Country Jack Jack's Country death/thrash/surf/jazz/rock'n'roll Be Fast
EXTREMELY ROTTEN FLESH (Colombia) The End brutal death Brutalized Records
EZURATE An Ending to Revelations Black Metal:USA Rotting Corpse Records
EZURATE Blasphemous Hierarchy Black Metal:USA Rotting Corpse Records

FERMENTO Insignia Misanthropical death metal VOLIAC ROCK RECORDS
FERMENTO (Spain) Insignia death/grind Voliac Rock Prod.
Filter  Title of record alt/industrial Reprise
Flag Uroboros (pro-CDR) excellent thrash metal from Slovakia AKNE Productions
Forest of Impaled Rise and Conquer Black/Death Metal Red Stream

GODFLESH Streetcleaner industrial Earache Records
Gorelord Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre (The Final Cut) death/grind Coffin Records

H2O CBGB Omfug Masters: Live 19.08.02 Hardcore legends live at CBGB in 2002. This show was recorded August 19th, 2002 at New York City's world famous CBGB's. A full set by these NYC hardcore legends recorded impeccably from the CBGB's soundboard. Relive the glory days of Sunday hardcore matinées with the crew. MVD Audio
HATE BEYOND ( Japan ) Perpetual Pain (japan edition) thrash/death Jackhammer Music
HEAVEN'S GATE Livin' In Hysteria Power Steamhammer
HEAVY HEAVY LOW LOW Everythings Watched Everyones Watching hardcore metal (трудно поверить, что парни из Heavy Heavy Low Low не freejazz'овые композиторы или классические metal эрудиты, когда слушаешь как они орудуют своими инструментами. Получился плотно наполненый шумовой коллаж , умело выполненный на hardcore скоростях) Ferret Music
HELLOWEEN Pink Bubbles Go Ape Prog EMI
HELMET MEANTIME industrial metal Interscope
Hidden Spectral Magnitude Progressive Black/Doom/Death Metal Red Stream
Hidden Alexisstar Morphalite Progressive Black/Doom/Death Metal Baphomet
HOLY MOSES Agony Of Death thrash metal Wacken Records

IMBRUE (Spain) Cado Datur Verbs technical brutal death Necromance Records
Infinite Hatred Hateful Spell Hatefull Raw Black metal from Korean Hell Kerzakraum Rec./Nerbilous Prod.
INQUESTED The Red Chambers thrash Mondongo Canibale

JANES ADDICTION NOTHING SHOKING alternative rock cult! Warner Bros.
JANES ADDICTION RITUAL DE LO HABITUAL alternative rock cult! Warner Bros.

KATATONIA Tonight's Decision (digi, 2 bonus tracks) doom/gothic metal Peaceville
Keel Keel hard'n'heavy MCA
KING'S X FAITH HOPE LOVE Heavy Metal, Rock Megaforce/Atlantic
KING'S X Gretchen Goes To Nebraska Heavy Metal, Rock Atlantic / Megaforce
KRIG Throne Of Majesty Triumph Black Wolf Music

LACRIMAE WHITE PEST Avantgarde Black Metal. ! American Line
LEGION OF SADISM (Germany) the great world of satan DIGIPACK black metal Christhunt Prod.
LETHAL AGGRESSION Ad Nauseum 74 minutes of old school thrashing madness! Horror Pain Gore Death
LIAR OF GOLGOTHA Dwell Within Mysterious Dark Black Mascot
Life's Decay (France) Art Decay Extremism Gothic/Dark-Wave/industrial
Limbomaniacs Stinky Grooves FUNK-METAL In-Effect,Inc.

M.O.D. Loved by thousands…Hated by millions thrash hardcore metal Megaforce Records
M.O.D. Surfin' M.O.D. Megaforce
M.O.D. The rebel you love to hate hardcore/thrash Nuclear Balst
Mare Frigoris The odyssey (pro-CDR) viking black from the usa AKNE Productions
Medo (Portugal) Materia Negra Black Metal War Productions
Megadeth Countdown to Extinction thrash Capitol
Memory Garden Verdict Of Posterity doom/prog.a la Candlemass Metal Blade
MIKE NESS Cheating at Solitaire country rock/blues
Mirrorthrone Gangrene Experimental/Atmospheric Death/Black Metal Red Stream
MISERY LOVES CO. Misery Loves Co. thrash/industrial metal Earache Records
MISFITS Project 1950/CD+DVD punk Misfits records
Morbid Savouring Insensitivicious finnish Porn Death/Grind with humorous lyrics Murder the World Productions
MORTIFILIA Embrace Death metal Mondongo Canibale
Mortuus Caellum (Greece) Ad Libertatem Per Mortem Black Metal War Productions
MOURNBLADE MANGLED LIES EP Fast and speedy thrash/punk. Along the lines of Venom. OPEN GRAVE RECORDS
Mouth Of The Architect / Kenoma SplitCD sludge / artcore Translation Loss
Mutant The Aeonic Majesty Avantgarde Death Metal,Theory in Practice members Listenable Records           

Napalm Death Scum (dualdisc CD+DVD) death/grind Earache
Narcotic Dreams Shattered experimental / minimal 804noise
Nirvana In Utero grunge Geffen/Sub Pop
NOCTURNAL RITES Tales Of Mystery And Imagination Power Century Media
Nortt Galdenfrist Black/Funeral Doom Metal Avantgarde Music

O.D.I. Foedus amoris violatum cdr Emo noise VOLIAC ROCK RECORDS
OBSCENE GESTURE Living In Profanity old school hardcore Xtreem Music
ODAR Zavjet Dalekom Snu - Oath To The Old Dream Raw, devastating oldschool black metal from Bosnia & Herzegovina in the vein of Burzum, Immortal, The Stone, Dissection, Satyricon... 8 pages booklet with lyrics in Bosnian/ Serbian language. Sonic Temple Records
OPPOSITE SIDES (ITA) SOUL MECHANICS Modern Death Metal Mondongo Canibale Records

Perversist Machine Grind Surgery great Death/Grind in Czech vein! Pigeon Shit Agency
POLYMORPH “Disgraceful Supper” MCD/5 Tracks old school Brutal Death Metal from Eastgermany G.U.C. Records
Porfyria Enjoy the pain/Duality brutal death from Slovakia AKNE Productions
Precipice Prophet of Doom weird mix of Thrash,Doom and Death;Dave Silverstein and Andy Adcock from Hellwitch in line-up Crook'd Records
Profundis Nokturn Black/Death Metal Diachell Musik
PRONG RUDE AWAKENING industrial Metal Epic Records

Qrujhuk Triumph Of The Glorious Blasphemy Infinite Hatred Member. another Hellish Raw Black metal from Korea! Kerzakraum Rec./Nerbilous Prod.

Raspatul Devils In Renewed Birth Thrash Black Metal OBSCURE SOMBRE REC.
REDOX Forgotten Nature Heavy thrash VOLIAC ROCK RECORDS
REDOX Sharpened knives MCd Heavy thrash
REMMIRATH Polis Rouge deep-drawn gloomy Black Metal from Slovakia. Music is built on Black Metal roots, but with very progressive elements. In song you can listening jazz procedures, untraditional using of keyboards, perfect usage of electronics and purposeful lyrics. In the world you dont find album with similar music and atmosphere. I recommend this album for fans Forgotten Woods, Curse, Ulver and similar unconventional black metal bands and projects...Booklet including lyrics and 16 pages full colour booklet! Ravenheart Prod/Sabbathid Recs
REQUIEM AETERNAM Eternally Dying Black Independent
Revenge Infiltration. Downfall. Death. Black Metal Osmose/Red Stream
RHAPSODY Power Of The Dragonflame Power Limb Music
RIVENDELL Farewell The Last Dawn Epic Black Metal with Folk influences Perverted Taste

SACRILEGE B.C. Party With God (digi) thrash/hardcore November Fire Recordings
Samael Above industrial/black metal Nuclear Blast
Sanctus Aeon Sky Sympho-Black Metal Blade
SARCOMA Godless Land Brutal death metal ! American Line
SAVIOUR MACHINE Saviour Machine Prog Massacre Records
SAVIOUR MACHINE II Prog Massacre Records
SAVIOUR MACHINE Legend. Part I. Prog Massacre Records
SAVIOUR MACHINE Legend. Part II. Prog Massacre Records
Scatterbrain Here Comes Trouble thrash:) Rereleased on CD in 1999 by Century Media
Secrets of the Moon Stronghold of the Inviolables Black Metal Cicatrix
SICK ROOM 7 Hail Intolerance Morbid and Sick Obscure Black-Doom Metal Ambient inspired by Burzum, Nortt, Black Sabbath Sound Spheric
SKID ROW Slave To The Grind hard'n'heavy Atlantic
SKITZO FIVE POINT CONTAINMENT Old school Bay Area thrash metal band back at it again! With Specials guests from Possessed, Machine Head, Blind Illusion, The Mentors and more! OPEN GRAVE RECORDS
SKULL COLLECTOR (Belgium) Home Of The Grave brutal US death Rotten To The Core
Slitter (Jap) Think Other Wise (japan edition) japan rock! (strange & original metal with dirty but melodic guitar ) Akom Productions
SONNEILLON Polymorphous MCD sympho black metal from Poland. The artwork is a work of Xaay known from the collaboration with NILE, BEHEMOTH or NECROPHAGIST. Let Them Come
SONS OF SLAUGHTER The Extermination Strain Precision death/grind brutality built on blistering riffs, relentless vicious rhythms and inhuman vocals. Mix Decapitated, Cryptopsy and Nile. Retribute Records
Stillness Blade The 1st Dark Chapter Old-school Death Metal OBSCURE SOMBRE REC.
STRING QUARTET TRIBUTE TO SLAYER The Death Angel Remains Vitamin Records
Stroszek Songs of remorse (digipack) dark acoustic / rock ~ members of FROSTMOON ECLIPSE God is Myth Records
SUPPLICIUM Resurrection of the shadows Blackened death metal from the cold winds of Bolivia American Line
Symphony X Twilight In Olympus prog.metal Inside Out Music

Tanzwut Labyrinth Der Sinne folk metal EMI
TEMPLAR Dark Circus [digipak] Dark Wave Metal: Australia Rotting Corpse Records
TENEBRARUM VOICES Doom metal Mondongo Canibale
Terror Squad (Japan) Chaosdragon Rising (japan edition) nu school japan thrash Worldchaos
Thanathron & Empheris The Rituals of Possession in Blasphemy Poland Black metal split. Old, Blasphemous, FUCKING Hell! Kerzakraum Rec./Nerbilous Prod.
THE CULT CEREMONY hard rock Beggars Banquet/Sire
The Firstborn (Portugal) From The Past Yet To Come fast Atmospheric Black
THE FORENSIC THE BECOMING Brutal death metal with swedian touches, but with self style. American Line
The Frost & Black Fire Between Ice and Fire / Illucescit Mortis Jesu Croatia & Colombia, Black metal split. Grim raw black metal release. Kerzakraum Rec./Nerbilous Prod.
The Miles Between Deceiver hardcore/metal Mediaskare
THOKKIAN VORTEX / AETHERIUS OBSCURITAS The Saturnine Alliance (split cd) After several years of silence, the LORD KAIAPHAS returns to spread sonic darkness upon the World! This time, the former singer of ANCIENT has done it alone, without having made any compromise of artistic creativity whatsoever.The music of THOKKIAN VORTEX is inspired by the first wave of Norwegian black metal(1990-1996), with some orchestral/symphonic and dark ambient elements. AETHERIUS OBSCURITAS is a one-man’s band from Hungary that are playing old-school black in the vein of old Dissection, Ancient and Ragnarok! SLEASZY RIDER REC
THRASH CLASH Vol.1 Taking Over vs Phantom Witch This is the pilot volume of our new series dedicated to new promising thrash bands. Sharing the first volume are two young, yet very promising bands with great potential: Taking Over are a young band hailing from San Bernardino, CA and delivering intense classic thrash in the vein of the old masters like Hallows Eve, Death Angel, and Necronomicon. On their heels come Phantom Witch, young but mighty trio from Indianapolis, IN. Their stellar sonic attack worships old-school masters like Slayer, Iron Angel, and Infernal Majesty, and is guaranteed to give you severe neck pain and headbanging aches! 12-page stapled booklet with band info and lyrics, graced with stunning artwork by renowned artist Dimitar Nikolov. STORMSPELL (USA)
THY KINGDOM COME Through Bleeding Eyes Brutal, crushing metalcore featuring ex-members of Raiden, Unite and Nadir. Essential for fans of Hatebreed and Sworn Enemy. Retribute Records
TJOLGTJAR (usa) Five Tjolgtjarian Keys American Occult Metal Suffering Jesus
Tribute to MISFITS Hell On Earth…Hail To Misfits
TRINAKRIUS INQUISANTISM One of the best epic Doom bands of current times. Old-school, arcane and epic doom metal from Italy, creating very powerful Doom PsycheDOOMelic
TWILIGHT OPHERA Shadows Embrace The Dark Black Сacophonous

Ultraviolence Psycho Drama industrial/techno Earache
UPPERCUT „Reanimation Of Hate“ CD/13 Tracks pure fucking old school Thrash Metal with female growling vocals G.U.C. Records

v/a Detournemont presents: Music for Treacherous Times (proCDr limited to 200) 1) King Shit - "The Crowning" 2) Cough - "288 Years of Sin" 3) Tenth Key - "Whiskey" 4) Swords - "Totally Werewolf" 5) the Black Spoon Brigade - "Delusions of Grandeur" 6) Bastet - "Fog the Emperor Out" 7) Admiral Browning with Steven F. Kerchner - "Bukwas" 8) Ox - "The Horror" 9) Acheronian - "Playing God" 10) Pat Paul - "Of Hopes and Fears" 11) Durga Temple - "J ay's Knife" 12) Nuss - "Safe Haven" 13) Vog - "Like the Sky Above" (old version) 14) Sere - "Autoerotic Response" 15) The Tenth Key - "After the Feast" 16) Hoarse Pill - "Distinction" 17) The Seventh Gate - "Black Tongued Truths" 18) The Seventh Gate - "Black Tongued Truths" (repeated, production error) 19) Fasapa - "Hip Shooter" 20) Ol' Scratch - "Cycles" 21) Damian Languell - "Camptown House" 22) Failure to Comply - "Disavowel" sludge, ambient, noise, punk, metal, rock and grind bands Detournemont

v/a The Dark Psyche (black metal compilation) THE END RECORDS

V/A Tribute to MASACRE Bajo El Signo De La Violencia 14 bands from Thrash to Black Metal pay tribute to the Colombian death metal legend Hate Works

VANI STRABENUNTERHALTUNG electro pop-minimal E-Noxe
VERSO From Wings To Bare Bones Debut album from this Finnish band. Album contains 11 tracks and music varies from straight, ass kicking thrash metal to more progressive and melodic metal. Kampas Records
VICIOUS Vile, Vicious & Victorious Swedish Thrash/Death Metal such as Carnal Forge and The Haunted. Feat. Henrik Wenngren of SKYFIRE on vocals. Recorded at The Underground Studios (CARNAL FORGE, TERROR 2000) and mastered by Peter In de Betou (HYPOCRISY). Guest appearance of P. Kuusisto (CARNAL FORGE). Ratings: Anvil (10/10), Metal Coven (9/10) Sound Riot
Vio-lence Nothing to gain POWERAGE
VIRGIN SIN BROTHERHOOD OF FREAKS thrash metal Mondongo Canibale

Warspite Confrontation Course fast death metal GUC
WITCHES' SABBATH (Spain) New World Plague black / death Necromance Records
Woods of Ypres Woods IV: The Green Album (1CD version) melodic doom black Practical Art Records
Wrnlrd Cperadt Wrnlrd's fourth album delves into considerably harsher territory. Your face might burn off.

Xentrix Kin (digipack) METAL MIND

Domestic artists:

…OF CELESTIAL The Strange Infinity DIMMU BORGIR fans will be pleasantly surprised by this Ukranian analogue of the aforementioned Norwegian post black metal More Hate

Abyssphere Тени И Сны… Melodic Doom Death Endless Desperation

ACETONIZER На смене / Синий путь (On change / The dark blue way) alco-guttural-grind band . Fucking Sick Music! Like: CBT,Gronibard,Libido Airbag, Сектор газа,Regurgitate,Красная плесень +more russian alco vodka ! Это надо слушать ! Coyote Records

ASGUARD DREAMSLAVE... AWAKENING [digi CD+DVD] Hybrid metal (2007). Metalism/Backfire/Fantazone Sound Inc.

ATOLL NERAT Two Pipes To Heaven dark/death/black metal More Hate Productions

Blood Pollution Armed You Thrash'n'Roll http://www.myspace.com/bloodpollutionofficial 29a/Blood Polution records

CAPRICE Kywitt! Kywitt! ethereal Shadowplay

Deadly Carrion Как Прекрасен Этот Мир death metal Fantazone Sound Inc.

Deferum Sacrum Septicaemia Black Metal More Hate Productions

DIVINA ENEMA To Wight Shalt Never Shine prog./dark/black

DIVIZION S-187 V Miloserdii otkazano! (No more Mercy) pure black metal mixed with electronic and industrial music components, special project of members of ASHEN LIGHT, STIGMATHIC CHORUS/ Russia More Hate Productions

DOPPELGANGER "12 Steps To Inhumanity" gothic rock Gravitator

DOR FEAFAROTH DVD-r "Legion Fest" LIVE + bonus 2 clips, Pro-cover Black Metal ЯРЬ productions

DVAR "Jraah Mraah" darkwave/avantgard Gravitator

EA Au Ellai epic funeral doom Solitude Prod.

EASE OF DISGUST The shell (feat. member of Abominable putridity) deathcore Gigawatt music

ECLIPSE The Symphonys Of Pathological Love/Calling Our Desires psychodelic death/grindcore Blacksmith Production

ENDLESS GLOOM Corpsporation Brutal death metal Blacksmith Production

ENDLESS JOURNEY Endless Journey / Melancholy post black Backfire Prod.

Esgharioth Asylum Of The Wretched Sympho Black Metal Musica Productions

Evoke Thy Lords Escape To The Dreamland (digi) doom Backfire / Stygian Crypt

FAR FROM MIND Breakpoint '33 Dark Metal album from Far From Mind (Krasnodar)! Modern metal, pure as it can be: mostly mid-tempo, powerful and groovy. More Hate

FUCK SHIT UP Generation Of Defecation Brutal death/grind core Blacksmith Production

FUNERAL MOON ЯВЬ folk pagan metal Irond / Molot

GRENOUER Border Of Misty Times (содержит бесплатный бонус-диск с новейшим мини-альбомом

GRENOUER "TRY" 2005) modern death Metalism

GUTTED MIND BRAVE NEW WORLD digipack modern death Gigawatt music

Hellraiser We'll Bury You (1990) Thrash Metal CD-Maximum

Hellraiser No Brain, No Pain (1994) Thrash Metal CD-Maximum


IMMORALIST Progressive Demise (pro-cdr in dvd box) debut album from Russian technical death/thrash metal band! Limited only 100 handnumbered pro-cdr in dvd box! Buy Or Die! NEW!!! Wings Of Destruction

INEXIST Погружение melodic modern death Gigawatt music

INITIAL CHAOS Ego Splitting synth dark electro Nihil Art Records

INTER ARBORES Я.Отрешенность.Границы.Святое experimental postrock Wroth Emitte/Backfire Productions

INTERIOR DISPOSITION Taedium Vitae drone ambient Nihil Art Records

KARTIKEYA Mahayuga Epic ethno death metal http://www.myspace.com/kartikeyaband Grailight Production

Kauan Aava Tuulen Maa atmospheric dark rock BadMoodMan Music

L.I.G.O No One Safe progressive death metal More Hate

LACKLUSTRE MIRROR Forgotten Songs darkwave Shadowplay

Letargy Dream 2 doom death / dark metal Solitude

MANGLER / ABORTARIUM Split brutal death/grind core Blacksmith Production

Mechanical Poet Eidoline: The Arrakeen Code Alternative Metal CD-Maximum

MEDEA Decadence Symphonic black metal in veins of Graveworm, Cradle of Filth. Recorded in famous Hertz studio (Poland) / Belarus More Hate Productions

MOLOCH (Ukraine) Nur die Berge erinnern sich der Winde die hier ihren Anfang fanden vor so langer Zeit ambient black Nihil Art Records

MOLOCH (Ukraine) Illusionen eines verlorenen Lebens depressive black metal/dark ambient Glorious North

MOON FAR AWAY SATOR neofolk \etherial Shadowplay

NEMIRIE HARVESTER OF THE SELF REFLECTION melodic death metal Irond / Molot

NEUROSPLIT PROPHET Encrypted Future Contingency athmospherically-sounding interesting and recognizable death metal. The sound and the material of this release are the product of many-years' work More Hate

PERVERSUS STIGMATA Interstellar Hatred Void orthodox form of symphonic black metal. There are no sweet melodies and other romantic excess. This art praise murder, hate and death. Music was inspired by Limbonic Art, Behemoth, early Satyricon and Emperor. More Hate Productions

RAGOR За Гранью Света black Musica Prod.

Rainbird Poet's Blood gothic doom Backfire Productions

Raventale На Хрустальных Качелях depressive doom/black Backfire Productions

REFAWN LEMUR OF THE NINE Techno death metal (2009) Metalism/Fantazone Sound Inc.

RELICTS 12 on a Richter Scale Techno-death-metal with oriental touches Musica Prod.

Rossomahaar Quaerite Lux In Tenebris Death / black (2002)

S.C.A.L.P. Чужая Война metal BadMoonMan/WrothEmitter/FantazoneSoundInc

SADAEL Diary of loss atmospheric funeral doom (Армения) Silent Time Noise Records

SCREAMING FOREST Black Kingdom of Lust old school black metal in veins of first albums of GORGOROTH and SATYRICON More Hate

Screaming From The Oblivion The Statues’ World gothic/dark metal Backfire Productions

Sculptor Темный Октябрь gothic/dark metal Backfire Productions

SERPENTARY ODI ERGO SUM industrial death metal Irond

Shadeweaver Towards The Beyond Melodic death, буклет 4 стр., других версий не было Sound Age

SOLARWARD As the Sky Stares Down black metal warriors from Belarus with strong doze of thrash metal More Hate

STIGMATIC CHORUS Gedonist sympho-black-metal Musica Prod.

THE EXTINCT DREAMS Ars Moriendi doom\death Backfire Prod.

The Sundial Transition Sympho Black Doom Endless Desperation Prod


THEOSOPHY/BIZARREKULT Split Cd black-metal Musica Prod.

TRUNAR christs Not christians old-school poisonous BLACK METAL, pure brain holocaust! Wings of Destruction/DEAD CENTER Prods

UNDER THE SCYTHE Истина в Тебе (feat. members of FOURTH DIMENSION, MIND ECLIPSE) technical deathcore Gigawatt music

Ungraved A Life Elder dark/ death Backfire Productions

UNLUCKY BURIED Blast from the Underground brutal Esthetic death metal in the best traditions More Hate

URSKUMUG PASSOVER [digi] Tribal black metal. Переиздание дебютного альбома Pareja (2004) + видео. Дигипак, лимит 500 копий. HAARBN


WACKHANALIJA ЭТО (Часть пятая: В ненависти ко всему) Dark Metal Othal Prod

Wine From Tears Through The Eyes Of A Mad melodic death doom BadMoodMan Music

Айрэ и Саруман A Elbereth Gilthoniel Песни с этого альбома еще до официального выхода релиза заняли первые позиции в интернет-чартах, обогнав Blind Guardian и саундтрэк к фильму «Властелин Колец». Альбом сделан как единое целое и представляет собой эпическую фэнтези рок-оперу с женским и мужским вокалом, написанную по мотивам произведений Джона Р.Р. Толкина. Музыку к песне «Дайолен – Даэрону» написала солистка группы «Мельница» – Хелависа. Эта песня впервые издается на лицензионном носителе. ПЕРЕКРЕСТОК

Ария В желтом круге арены (DVD+2CD) CD-Maximum


Боянов гимн Мир на ладони folk metal http://www.bgimn.ru Sonnenaufgang Verlag

Изжога Жить Стало Лучше, Стало Веселей Hard core/thrash/death/grind:) Blacksmith Production

ИЗМОРОЗЬ Косморозь pagan folk Sound Age

КАИРА LATE STONE AGE sympho sex metal Irond / Molot

Мельница Дикие Травы (digipack) folk rock Navigator

Пилигрим Выбора нет Heavy metal (2008) 1Rock

Пилигрим Слава России Hard Rock CD-Maximum

Пилигрим Марта 2CD Heavy Metal Пилигрим

Руян Наследие [digi] Folk Pagan http://www.myspace.com/ruyanrussia

Сергей Маврин Иллюзия Heavy Metal CD-Maximum

Сымон-Музыка (Belarus) Сымон-Музыка [digibook] Folk metal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDGbRYQWZ-s Strong Music

ЯРНЪ Остывший Бог industrial dark ambient Nihil Art Records

LEGACY OF METAL Vol.2 compilation Tartharia,Svartby,Nova Art,Lady Winter,Ungraved,Deimos,Rainbird… Резонанс Music Inc.


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